Hello and Welcome

Welcome to my Page. If you know me personally, you'll probably know I'm a bit on the shy side but with a little chatter, I'm sure we'll have something in common. Although I dislike talking about myself, I hope this breif 'about me' suffices.

Born in Medellin, Colombia and lucky to be raised in a small, private island, right off the East coast called Key Biscayne. Raised with Entrepreneural parents, I followed their steps to which led me to study Business Management.
I quickly learned that even though I love to hustle, sell and start businesses, that career wasn't the path for me. From an early age, I was obsessed with trying to become some sort of CyberSec graduate. Although I had no experience what so ever, I was determined to learn and was fascinated! I dabbled with all the Hats. It's safe to say that, without that curiousity, I probably would've never jumped into Web Developement.

A couple of years later, I joined this amazing bootcamp that really expanded my understanding of coding. Ironhack was a life changing experience. Within 10 weeks of code being rammed down my noggin, I was able to learn the MEAN stack among other amazing technologies.

Ironhack and trying to become a Web developer was an amazing and unforgetable experience. It taught me many things that I'll always use. I have taken a break from coding/Web Developement and joined a wonderful bicycle family, Women owned store as a Sales Associate.
Yes yes yes, I'm aware at what I said above, but my passion for Cycling has landed me in an amazing position. I'm currently loving what I do, the people that I work with are amazing and so far it's been a great ride.
If you are ever in Miami, FL and are interested in a quality experience and purchase, join us at Mack Cycle and Fitness in South Miami :)

As for the future?
Who knows!

If you are into cycling, drop me a message or join my one or both of my Strava clubs - Fixed Latinos, GRVT.
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